Board of Directors


Board Members Share a Wealth of Expertise and Experience

HFHMCA Board members are leaders in their churches, businesses, civic clubs, neighborhoods and schools. They come from diverse backgrounds and are willing to share their varied expertise and experience. They are asked to serve because of their demonstrated involvement with HFHMCA and their commitment to our mission.

2020 Board Of Directors

Slade Exley, President
Allen Scott, Vice President
Maura Jelliffe, Secretary
Jennifer Studebaker, Treasurer

Willie Alexander
John Clark
Wil Crawford
Gregory Davis
Monica Day
Bob Drinkwater
Collier Graham
Stephen Griner
Earnest Hart
Donna Jacobs
Jay Jacobus
David McRae
Mary Purvis
Larry Ratzlaff
Art Ring
Leland Rogers
Steve Shirley
Jennifer Swanner
Aileen Thomas
Kara Washington
Jack Webb
Harrison Young

2020 Advisory Board

Johnny Anthony
Donna Barksdale
Ali Bhatti
Jackie Brown
James Bryant
Bob Canizaro*
Bill Cook, Jr.
David Coon
David Cox
Houston Ezell
Chris Fontan
George Gammon
Bill Geary
Polly Hammett
Marc Hearst
Mecca Lawhorn
Monte Luehlfing
David Maron
Mack Mitchell
Thomas Price
Johnny Ray
Nina Redding*
Mary Louise Shaw
Pat Sigrest
Victor Smith*
Kurt Vande Streek
Elise Winter*

* Life Time Board Members

HFHMCA Board Presidents

1986 | Terry Wolfer
1987 | Glenn Martin
1988 | Lucien Bourgeois
1989 | C. Jack Ramey, Sr.
1990 | Fran Finch
1991 | Charles Mortimer
1992-1993 | Victor Smith
1994-1995 | Rosa Lee Jones
1996-1997 | Richard Montague
1998-1999 | Bill Geary
2000-2001 | Harry Lamdin
2001-2003 | Albert White
2004-2005 | David Cox
2006-2007 | Ben Mitchell
2008-2009 | Jackie Brown
2010-2011 | David Barrentine
2012-2013 | Alfred Carter
2014-2015 | Johnny Ray
2016-2017 | Larry Ratzlaff
2018-2019 | Harrison Young