Program Eligibility


Qualifications for Homeownership

Even if you think you may not qualify for Habitat homeownership, we hope you will fill out the eligibility questionnaire so we can help you take the first step. Our Family Services staff is always willing to speak to you at (601) 353-6060.


In order to partner with Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Capital Area, an applicant must currently live in housing that is inadequate.
For example:

  • Current housing is dilapidated or in bad repair.
  • The home is too small for the family and overcrowded.
  • The cost of housing is a disproportionate amount of the monthly income.

Ability to pay:

HFHMCA homeowners buy their houses so they must be able to afford a monthly zero interest mortgage payment between $550 – $650.


Willingness to Partner

Habitat Homeowners enter into a partnership with HFHMCA.
Family partnership requirements include:

  • Sweat equity (construction work, community service, and homeowner education) of up to 125 hours per adult in the family
  • Agreement to attend homeowner education workshops
    • Homeowner Orientation Meeting
    • Homebuyer’s Education Class
    • Budgeting Classes
    • Homeowners’ Association Meetings


Qualifications include:


Number in Family Monthly Income Between*
1 $1463- $3900
2 $1703- $4454
3 $2152- $5013
4 $2600 – $5567
5 $3048- $6013
6 $3497 – $6458
7 $3945 – $6904
8 $4293 – $7350
  • Good references and a history of paying bills
  • A source of income (employment, SS, SSI, Child Support, etc.)
  • Successful background check
  • Ability to make a $1,000 down payment
  • Ability to make monthly mortgage payments, including principle, taxes and insurance that total between $550 – $650
  • No excessive debt
  • No active liens, judgments, or active garnishments